SIS Bus Systems

Ritz offers both standard and customized units, designed and built to all international standards.

If you dont see what you are looking for listed in our literature, please contact the factory for more information.

SIS busbar utilizes solid insulation with capacitive grading resulting in a touch-safe bus system. The design is especially well-suited for applications with high currents and limited space.

Design Benefits

  • Small space requirements / Small phase spacing
  • Small bending radii
  • 3-dimentional geometric shapes possible

Safety Benefits

  • Touch-safe surface
  • High thermal and mechanical current ratings
  • Natural cooling
  • Maintenance-free system

Construction/Installation Benefits

  • Easy installation with standardized parts and fixing system
  • No welding required
  • Reduction in the number of connections per phase versus cable
  • Ritz can provide turn-key systems or installation supervision